The Academic Series is designed to give young players the best start. Special features that ensure comfort like Adjustable Thumb Rests, D# Rollers, Ergonomic Table Keys and Adjustable Finger Rings, Hooks and the exclusive trombone Handgrip make the CXL instruments comfortable to play. Sterling Silver Risers and Rose Brass Necks on woodwinds help young players achieve a better quality of sound, as do the Rose Brass and Sterling Silver leadpipes and bells of the brass instruments.

The Concert Series models are designed to complement the advancing player's skill level with premium features and professional aesthetic touches like Gold Plated Lip Plates as standard features. Quality performance features like Grenadilla wood, Sterling Silver, Rose Brass and Gold Trim improve sound quality and provide the professional polish that allows the advanced player to stand out in the crowd.

Jupiter's CXL Series of instruments

Jupiter CXL The CXL series is designed with the success of the student musician in mind. By employing advanced features and designs, the Academic and Concert models offered by CXL provide musicians with a unique opportunity to learn and perform on a premium line of instruments inspiring them to develop playing skills faster.



Premium Features

The CXL series includes such premium features as rose brass, sterling silver, and 24K gold-plated components, professional key mechanisms, and adjustable thumb rests. These features increase comfort, extend range and provide improved tone quality for the beginning and accomplished student. CXL's premium design components enable any student to progress faster and develop the techniques used by professionals.



Premium Materials

Premium metals are used in the construction of CXL instruments. The sterling silver riser and lip plate of the CF-50-1 flute gives the instrument an increased quality of sound and tone color. The CH-800 Double Horn has a rose brass bell that is made with a higher percentage of copper than standard yellow brass and provides a more professional tone quality.




Teaching aides for beginning students are found in many CXL instruments. The CC-60 clarinet has an adjustable thumb rest and neck strap that provides greater comfort and encourages proper hand position. The CTB-40-1 trombone features a curved main branch that facilitates better posture and mouth position.


Every student deserves an instrument that fosters advancement and encourages enthusiasm for music. Jupiter’s CXL series of premium instruments provide inspiring models for aspiring students.